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A + Budget Movers
10551 New Church Rd.
Dallas, TX
(214) 320-1953

A 1 Express Movers
Dallas, TX
(972) 243-3190

A A A All American Moving
12300 Ford Road Suite130
Dallas, TX
(800) 811-4622

A A Cartage Co
11444 Reeder Road
Dallas, TX
(972) 620-2868

A Amen Kingdom Mission Movers
Dallas, TX
(214) 789-5035

A B C 123 Movers
Dallas, TX
(214) 570-9555

A B Moving
18613 Marsh Ln
Dallas, TX
(972) 306-5269

A Budget Movers
3707 North Buckner Boulevard
Dallas, TX
(214) 320-1953

A Fs
2970 Blystone Lane
Dallas, TX
(214) 350-9952

A L L Ways Worldwide
11411 Hillguard Rd
Dallas, TX
(214) 341-5866
(800) 292-9399

A Thru Z Unlimited Moving
Dallas, TX
(972) 557-6683

A To Z Movers
10634 Newcombe Drive
Dallas, TX
(214) 320-0067

A Vintage Movers Inc
Dallas, TX
(469) 358-2482

A#1 Movers Inc
Dallas, TX
(214) 521-6825

A+ On The Move
5942 Abrams Road # 259
Dallas, TX
(214) 770-1695

A-1 Boxes
18613 Marsh Lane Suite 50
Dallas, TX
(972) 306-5269

A-1 Freeman Relocation Systems
2242 Manana Drive
Dallas, TX
(817) 336-8100

A-1 Inc
2222 Commerce Street
Dallas, TX
(817) 649-7456

A-1 Movers
7901 Ambassador Row
Dallas, TX
(214) 638-7720

A-1 Moving All Moving
Dallas, TX
(972) 709-4744

A-A Safari Movers
Dallas, TX
(972) 567-4768

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Selected Topics from our Moving Guide

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General rule of thumb: an item that hasn't been used in over year should be considered for selling, donating, recycling, or just thrown away. Consult your family members - maybe someone needs it.

Make sure you inspect your house from top to bottom and decide what is going and what is staying. If you plan to have a visit from a visual estimator make sure you know exactly what you want the Dallas moving company to move for you. Show all those items to the estimator.

You might have things that you don't want to part with, but which will inevitably be stored in a storage, shed, or garage after the move. Those items should be packed very well in containers that are rodent, moisture and dust proof. To learn more about preparing your items for storing read Moving Guide->Moving Storage Tips.

Some items can't be moved at all, or should be moved with a special care. Those items include hazardous materials, perishables, and personal and valuable items. To learn more about do-not-move items read Moving Guide->Do-not-move Items.

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