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Largest City: Portland
Population: 3.4 million

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Allied Van Lines-Prestige Moving
1006 Southwest Emkay Drive
Bend, OR
(541) 383-3362

Atlas Van Lines Agent
915 Southeast Armour Drive
Bend, OR
(541) 382-9078

Bend Storage & Transfer
2350 NE 2nd St
Bend, OR
(541) 382-5641

Central Oregon Movers
Bend, OR
(541) 390-4325

City Moving & Storage Co Inc
915 Southeast Armour Drive Suite B
Bend, OR
(541) 382-9078

Lumper's Specialty Moving Service
Bend, OR
(541) 312-2849

Bend, OR
(541) 388-2859

Movin Up
Bend, OR
(541) 390-9513

Moving Source
63310 Ridgefield Drive
Bend, OR
(541) 318-7385

Moving Up
Bend, OR
(541) 390-4966

Prestige Moving & Storage
1006 Southwest Emkay Drive
Bend, OR
(541) 383-3362

Professional Moving Services
19660 Baker Road
Bend, OR
(541) 382-4044

Quality Moving Service
Bend, OR
(541) 385-0338

Ryan's Third Party Services
Bend, OR
(541) 312-9386

Ryans 3rd Party Service
124 Southeast 9th Street
Bend, OR
(541) 312-9386

Steve's Moving Service
Bend, OR
(541) 317-3934

Transtech Carriers
2943 Northeast Lotno Drive
Bend, OR
(541) 383-0110

United Van Lines Agent
2350 Northeast 2nd Street
Bend, OR
(541) 382-5641


Selected Topics from our Moving Guide

Doing your own packing
Although most Bend moving companies offer packing and unpacking services, many people would often choose to pack their belongings themselves. Those of you who will choose the self moving option or will rent a truck, packing up the right way can be a challenge.

Always remember: DO NOT pack any flammables, combustibles, or explosives. The safety of the shipment is the primary concern. Movers are not supposed to transport items of that nature. Consult our Moving Guide->Do-Not-Move Items to learn more.

If you decided to save some money by doing the packing by yourself, consult our Moving Guide->All Packing Tips to learn how to become a packing professional.

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