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All Nation Freight & Shipping
2456 Lucerne Park Road
Winter Haven, FL
(863) 294-8886

Baker's Packing & Moving Co
Winter Haven, FL
(863) 956-1915

Hawthorne Affordable Moving Service
2888 Havendale Boulevard Northwest
Winter Haven, FL
(863) 967-4844

Hawthorne's Affordable Moving Service
Winter Haven, FL
(863) 967-4844

Lawson Van Lines
Winter Haven, FL
(863) 299-2169

Mitchell's Low Cost Movers
Winter Haven, FL
(863) 294-4399

Mitchell's Low Cost Professional Movers
Winter Haven, FL
(863) 294-4399

Osceola Van Lines
Winter Haven, FL
(863) 297-3353


Selected Topics from our Moving Guide

Timing your move
You should plan your move to take place at a time convenient for you and your family. However, due to a seasonal nature of the moving industry you should remember that during certain periods it will be harder to find a good Winter Haven mover, and the prices tend to be generally higher.

Those periods include:
  • The summer months - for many families with children summer is the most convenient time to move because the school term is up. In addition, summer weather is usually more suitable for moving.
  • Beginning and end of each month - first and last days of each month, regardless of season, are very busy days for any Winter Haven moving company.
  • End of the year holiday season - during end of December things tend to be especially hectic.
During the "peak" periods the demand for moving services is higher, and so are the prices. In addition, it would be more difficult for your Winter Haven moving company to ensure the quality of service that you would expect, making your move even more stressful.

To learn more about how to prepare for your move read Moving Guide->Introduction to Moving

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