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A Plus Packing & Moving
8350 South USHighway 1
Port Saint Lucie, FL
(772) 336-7100

A-1 Family Devries Moving & Storage Inc
440 Northwest Market Place
Port Saint Lucie, FL
(772) 335-3090

A-1 Family Move
440 Northwest Market Place
Port Saint Lucie, FL
(772) 878-8884

All County Moving & Storage
Port Saint Lucie, FL
(772) 878-5279

All My Sons Moving & Storage
Port Saint Lucie, FL
(772) 873-9330

Atlantic Express Van Lines
Po Box 8090
Port Saint Lucie, FL
(305) 953-3888

442 Southwest Kentwood Road
Port Saint Lucie, FL
(772) 878-8471

Bekins Moving
440 Northwest Market Place
Port Saint Lucie, FL
(772) 337-9036

Best Move Inc
Po Box 8090
Port Saint Lucie, FL
(305) 953-3888

Bohren's Moving And Storage
161 Southwest Port Saint Lucie Boulevard
Port Saint Lucie, FL
(772) 344-8261

Bohrens South United Van Lines Agent
161 Southwest Port Saint Lucie Boulevard
Port Saint Lucie, FL
(772) 344-8261
(800) 867-8261

Mail Boxes Etc
906 Southwest Saint Lucie W Boulevard
Port Saint Lucie, FL
(772) 340-0043

Pak Mail
265 Southwest Port Saint Lucie Boulevard
Port Saint Lucie, FL
(772) 871-2210

Port St Lucie Moving & Storage
Port Saint Lucie, FL
(772) 335-9955


Selected Topics from our Moving Guide

Choose the right moving company
Choosing the right mover is not a simple task. When moving, you want to be sure that your belongings will be in good hands until they reach your new home. You also want to be sure that the costs will not skyrocket in the end, or that you will have to wait too long before your belongings are finally delivered to you.

When choosing a moving company for your move make sure you deeply investigate each and every candidate. To find the right Port Saint Lucie mover for your move pay attention to the following issues:
  • Licenses and insurance - When choosing a mover make sure to verify his license with the Florida DOT office. Every Florida moving company has to be licensed and insured. There are different types and levels of licensing, and the rules are different from state to state.
  • Better Business Bureau record - Check with the Better Business Bureau if your moving company has more then few unresolved complains filed against them. Florida Better Business Bureau offices keep records on companies registered in the state. Florida moving company that has more then few unresolved complaints should be avoided.
  • Place of business - When choosing a mover in Port Saint Lucie make sure their place of business actually exists. Beware of companies who provide no business address on their website, business documents, or a company that is hesitant to provide you with their physical business address. It is important that you know where to track the company down if you have a problem
  • Sales personnel - A universal advice: never listen to sales personnel who tell stories. A high-quality moving company with a good reputation doesn't need to knock the competition, or to criticize other Port Saint Lucie moving companies in an attempt to make itself look better.
  • Important documents - If you are moving to a different state you need to receive important documentation from your mover. The documents you need to receive from your mover are: "Order for Service", a written estimate with an itemized breakdown of all charges that makes up the estimate for your moving cost, and the "Table of Measurements". If the mover is hesitant to provide you with any of these items you should consider not using this moving company.
To learn more about how to choose a moving company read Moving Guide->How to Choose a Moving Company

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