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A Best Way To Move
2517 Connie Drive
Sacramento, CA
(916) 925-1799

ABF U-Pack Moving
3250 47th Ave
Sacramento, CA
(800) 355-1696

All Professional Movers
4549 Varsity Court
Sacramento, CA
(916) 332-7766

Atlas Interstate Agent
3801 Happy Lane
Sacramento, CA
(916) 362-1515

Bay Area Moving & Storage
Sacramento, CA
(916) 638-8668

Best Choice Moving Assistance
Sacramento, CA
(916) 349-9231

Budget Rent A Car System Inc
200 Q Street
Sacramento, CA
(916) 441-6507

Capitol Relocation Systems Inc
1 Blue Sky Court
Sacramento, CA
(916) 387-5190

Charcy Company Inc
6150 Warehouse Way
Sacramento, CA
(916) 388-9800

Chipman Relocations
1625 National Dr Ste 100
Sacramento, CA
(916) 928-1071

City Moving Systems
8267 Alpine Avenue
Sacramento, CA
(916) 453-1139

Coldwell Advanced Moving
2855 Lone Street
Sacramento, CA
(916) 489-0176

Colonial Van & Storage Of Sacramento Inc
8451 Rovana Circle # 100
Sacramento, CA
(916) 381-1372

D & S Movers Inc
1806 Enterprise Boulevard
Sacramento, CA
(916) 371-3929

Golden Express
8372 Tiogawoods Drive
Sacramento, CA
(916) 525-2300

Jimmy's Piano Moving
1875 Diesel Drive Suite 7
Sacramento, CA
(916) 929-5177

Joyce Van Lines Inc
5901 88th Street # A
Sacramento, CA
(916) 383-1500
(800) 999-0944

Lawrence Graham Moving Co
6150 Warehouse Way
Sacramento, CA
(916) 381-6118

Mee Moving & Storage Inc
3129 Fite Circle
Sacramento, CA
(530) 885-0109

Moving Assistance
Sacramento, CA
(916) 349-8523

Musclemen Moving Co
3054 Fite Circle
Sacramento, CA
(916) 781-6118

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Selected Topics from our Moving Guide

Preparing your items for the move
Packing all your belongings and preparing your furniture for the move is one of the most laborious parts of the moving process. To make it easier consult the following tips:
  • Get rid of the items you don't want to move by having a garage sale. Allow yourself enough time to organize it. If you don't want to deal with garage sales consider donating your unwanted items.
  • Keep a floor plan of the new house with you for reference while you pack and for moving day.
  • Keep tools for assembling beds and other furniture in easily accessible place, or tape them to the furniture itself.
  • Clean your belongings before moving them.
To learn more about packing techniques, consult Moving Guide->All Packing Tips.

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